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Some time ago I remember browsing the endless pit of memes and political commentary known as Facebook, and within the abyss I saw a photo of the underside of a truck that had a garden hose valve welded to the oil pan. You know those valves coming off the side of your house with the red knob, yeah one of those….welded. to. the. oil. pan. Part of me thought that it was ridiculous, but the other part thought that it was ingenious. Overall I wondered, “Why isn’t there anything like that out there?”

Little did I know, there was a product on the market and it had been there for over 35 years! The Fumoto engine oil drain valve is a valve that replaces the stock drain bolt to make oil changes simple.

Invented in Japan in 1972 and existing in the US market for over 25 years, the Fumoto engine oil drain valve has been making oil changes quick and easy for decades

You ever have something in your hands that just feels like a durable quality product? This is one of those items, it feels like its built to last, and it is! The Fumoto drain valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant forged brass and stainless steel. It is QUALITY.

Valve open and valve closed.

Reading about the valve more I found that:

“To gain the approval of motor vehicle manufacturers it was subjected to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. It endured 336 hours of salt spray and thousands of openings and closings and still functioned perfectly. You can expect our product to outlast your engine.”

I was so eager to install this drain valve now.

The valve is going on my 1989 SAAB 900s. Fumoto manufactures their valves for a wide variety of vehicles, they most likely have applications every car in your fleet.

The SX series, is Fumoto’s latest drain valve boasting improvements over previous models.

First things first, a familiar sight, the removal of stock drain bolt. No oil change is complete without fumbling around for the correct socket and struggling to loosen the bolt.

*Jackstands were also used for safety, they are cannot be seen in this image.*

Once you loosen the bolt, 9/10 times your ninja skills fail you, oil gets all over your hands, the drain bolt fall into a pool of oil and you inevitability make a mess.

Installation of the Fumoto drain valve is easy. First hand thread it in.

Then torque it down with the drain hole pointing in the direction you’d like the oil to drain.

Viola! It’s in!

In order to drain the oil, you slide the lever over and oil will drain out. No need for ratchets or wrenches or forced labor, with one finger you push the lever and your oil is draining.

If you really want convenience, Fumoto offers a hose and nipple kit, which I highly recommend.

This way you can drain your oil directly into an empty oil jug and eliminate the need for transferring oil from the drain pan, another thing sure to have some spills.

Even though the lever is locked when the valve is closed , a locking clip is provided for double the protection.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Fumoto for sending me their product to install on my dirty old SAAB, I now look forward to oil changes!

If you’re interested in Fumoto drain valves, visit their website HERE, input your car info and see which drain valve model is best for you. I firmly believe that if you change your oil yourself these are worth every penny!

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