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Hello everyone, I’m Alex Nagy and I’ll give you a brief bio about myself before I get caught up talking about my car. I’m 22 years old, I’m from the Chicagoland area in Illinois and I’ve been with Carshype since March of 2012. I got into photography a few years prior to joining the Carshype crew and figured I would combine my interests of cars and photography. I’ve always loved drifting, so prior to building my own drift car, I traveled to drift events as frequently as possible to spectate and get media coverage. Around a year and a half ago I picked up an 88 RX7 convertible and have been building it for drifting since then.


So on to the reason you are reading this post, my cars. I have a 1988 Mazda RX7 Convertible which is my project/drift car and a 2002 Acura RSX which is my daily driver. I purchased the RX7 in July of 2015, it needed a lot of work. It was a rust free car with a helthy engine, but that was about all it had going for it. No interior aside from seats and a gauge cluster, completely stock and very worn out suspension, torn top etc etc etc. But I wanted a project, I wanted to build something of my own from the bottom up. I took the car to my first on track drift event in september of 2015, the car had coilovers and a welded diff and that was it at that point. Since then I have done a long list of footwork to the car- replaced every bushing with solid or poly, all the arms and links, cooling system modifications, exhaust work, pieced together a complete s5 black interior, vinyl wrapped the car and plenty more.

I’ve always loved rotary engines, and I wanted to build something different- so I ended up with an FC3C. I’ll be honest, the vert is a pretty terrible chassis for drifting with a stock engine. Its a ~3300lb car with 150 “crank” horsepower from the factory, but I feel that learning on a low power car teaches you a lot about different driving techniques. I was able to make it to 9 on track drift events this season at USAIR, all of which were excellent learning expierences! For this season I am planning to pick up an fc hatch and swap everything over to that, simply because I feel that the fc vert chassis is limiting me- the hatch is much lighter, more solid and plus it will be nice having room to bring all of my spares and tools to the track in my own car (shout out to my friends that helped transport my spares to events due to the lack of storage in a convertible).

Mods List


– Racing Beat header with heat wrap
– Racing Beat full exhaust with all new gaskets
– Koyo aluminum radiator
– Upgr8 silicone radiator hoses
– Racing Beat competition engine mounts
– Racing Beat competition transmission side mounts
– New OEM Mazda transmission center mount
– PBM Solid rear differential mounts
– PBM Solid front differential mount
– Exedy Stage 1.5 Clutch with 5k miles on it
– Welded and plated differential
– LRB Speed cooling panel
– Atkins Rotary omp, egr and acv block off  plates
– S5 alternator upgrade


– Ksport 32-way adjustable Coilovers
– Teal Suspension extended ball joints
– Mazdatrix steering rack spacers
– Mazdatrix bump steer tie rod ends
– 1991 (s5) 17.4:1 steering rack
– 1991 power steering pump
– Aftermarket power steering cooler
– Atkins rotary rear lower control arm bushings
– Energy Suspension Poly rear upper knuckle bushing
– Energy Suspension Front control arm bushings
– Polyurethane steering rack bushings
– Polyurethane rear trailing arm bushings
– PBM Solid spherical subframe risers
– PBM rear lower knuckle bushings
– Atkins Rotary dtss (rear steering) delete bushings


– Black 1991 (s5) interior conversion, no cracks on dash, door panels in overall great shape.
– Led cluster overlay
– Pioneer aftermarket radio
– Android in-dash tablet
– Rockford Fosgate speakers
– Circuit sports weighted shift knob
– Nardi classic deep 350mm wheel
– Buddy Club P1 Limited Edition Racing Bucket seat
– LRB Speed defroster vents
– LRB Speed corner vents


– Arlon Amethyst Purple vinyl wrap with matte black a pillars
– New OEM convertible top
– S13 oem pignose front lip
– 1991 (s5) convertible taillights
– Led brake and reverse light bulbs


– Advan RGII 17×9.5 +15 with 215/35 Yokohama S-Drive’s in front
– 5zigen Fn01c 17×8 +25 with 205/40 Westlake SV308 in the rear



I’ve got to give a bit of credit to my daily, I’ve owned it for ~7 years and it has never let me down. Its nothing fancy, just an RSX on Stance Suspension coilovers, upgraded sound system and a few minor exterior things here and there.

Thanks for reading, if you’d like to follow my build, follow me on Instagram @topless_fc and check out my photography here!


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