Import Face Off!

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It’s that time again, time for Import Face Off, held in the town of Ennis Texas! Its an awesome show hosted at the Texas Motorplex where car enthusiasts gather for a good time to check out some drag racing and a good ol fashion car show; each with a winning trophy and cash prizes!

Ducky Tysdal’s Widebody Gen Coupe.

Drag buggy

Cesar’s TSX on dished BBS wheels.

Josh Stephens’ silver S2000 with alot of J’s Racing goodies.


Tim’s DC2 Integra from Status C.C.

Jose Hidalgo’s Orange Integra from Status C.C.

A SiR inpsired CRX on bronze Mugen MF8 part of Status C.C.


Wilwood six pot BBK.

Team Hi-Def line up.

Kevin Taylor’s Honda Del sol.

Nice WRX STI on TE37.

350Z on Wedz LXZ.


Nissan Juke on custom colored Wedsport Krazne Brazeria.

Honda RA1 on Work Vs-kf.

Evo 9 with Carbon aero and gold Work equips.

RHD s13 Coupe with OEM aero.


Custom vip style tray.

Henry Hernandez’s Luxury abstract Jungo with a custom color inner windows.


Sergio’s DC5 on copper faced Rezax II.

Slammed Civic on Enkei 92 wheels.

Slammed Civic coupe on Work Meister Cr01.

Brian’s Vip inspired Gs, on  Avant Garde 410.

Civic SI on Work Meister S1r.

Thanh’s Is250 rocking his daily wheels.


Rotary Drag RX3

Nikki’s RSX


Wide Mustang.

Chris Garza’s CTS-V on RSV forged wheels.

All stock OEM DC5 ITR.



Tien’s Lancer on teal VSXX.

Dallas JDM Motors RHD CRX on ccw classics.

Daniel’s VIP LS430 on SSR MS3.

Jon’s gen coupe on AIM wheels.

Kareless Original hustling hard everywhere they go.

Ducky’s wide body Genesis with a boosted LS swap.

Sean Smith’s Crazy S2000 with Carbon aero everywhere.



Here are a few shots from the drag racing competition going on.

John in his all motor civic going down the track.

And with that it pretty much sums up IFO. (side note, this was last years photo but it seem like a good add on.)











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