Final Bout III | The final Final Bout.

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Final Bout is a grassroots drifting event that has been going on every year since 2014, it features team tandem competitions hosted at USA International Raceway in Wisconsin. This year’s event was especially important due to it being the last Final Bout. Final Bout III brought a total of 22 teams, with 97 drivers together from all over the country (and even from out of the country!) to USAIR to compete in the tandem competition. Although it was awesome to watch the teams driving together with their matching livery; I personally thought getting to see all the different teams driving together was the most exciting part of the event. All of the drivers had to adapt and match to each others driving styles all while running the doors of drivers they have never driven before! Needless to say, it was rad.

Walking through the pits felt like you were walking through a car show, the quality, style and attention to detail of many of the cars there was astounding. Seeing the cars all cleaned up and shining one minute and then out on the track thrashing and putting their car up on another cars door another minute just gives you a special kind of feeling.

Now I might be biased towards USAIR since it is my home track, but it is an incredible track regardless. The track is full of drastic elevation changes, tight and technical corners as well as wider sweeping corners. I’ve driven this track plenty of times, but seeing some of the better drivers in the country out on the same track is very inspiring.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend saturday’s festivities, so basically all of my tandem photos are of the teams together practicing for the competition, but on sunday all the drivers were out driving with other teams as well as their own. Regardless, it was very cool getting to see the aggressive driving from everyone.

Just take a minute to take it all in.

At the end of the competition, Garage Moon Power from Georgia ended up taking 1st place in the competition!

After the competition runs were over and the sun had set, the night driving began! The drivers were all consistently putting down incredible runs, getting inches from each other and the wall run after run. Final Bout III was a huge success and was a great way finish the end of the Final Bout legacy. Thank you very much to everyone who had a part in organizing, hosting, driving and sponsoring Final Bout! Hopefully someone takes the torch to host another series similar to this in the midwest next year! To see my full coverage photo dump click here. To see more photos from me from other events check out on Facebook and instagram @alexnagyphotography.


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