Evan’s Honda S2000

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The S2000 is arguably one of the best platforms to come from Honda right behind the Integra Type R, Civic Type R, and NSX in my opinion.  The S2000 was released in 1999 as a 2000 model and was in production for 9 years and had 2 generations AP1 and AP2.  The AP1 was was powered by a 2L inline 4 making 237 – 247hp, a 6 speed which red lined to 9,000 rpms, and paired with a Torsen limited slip differential.  The AP2 on the other hand was more refined, the motor was stroked to a 2.2L and gears were tweaked here and there.  For Evan Watford, the AP2 tailored to what he wanted and he liked the updated look and feel of the car.

It all started for Evan in 2002.  I had been doing the whole Honda thing for 3 years at that point, and at the time I was driving a 1999 Integra GSR.  I was introduced to the S2000 by a close friend of mine who had purchased a brand new Berlina AP1 and started basically putting nearly the entire Mugen & Toda engine parts catalog on the car. I rode with him a couple times, and eventually got to drive it once or twice.  After that, I knew I’d have an s2000 and that it was just a matter of time.

Fast forward a few years to 2009, Evan had just finished college and was starting his new career.  It was at this time he started his search for an S2000 and he was very particular.  He was in the market for a one owner, Gran Prix White, with either the solid red or the two-toned red and black interior.  I read everything I could about the differences in model years, and settled on just finding the newest, lowest mileage example I could afford.

After nearly 4 months of searching, he came across an AP2 in Dallas, TX…which seemed sorta poetic since that’s my original place of birth.  The car had one owner and 19,000 miles on the clock, so Evan firmed up the deal and immediately bought a one way plane ticket and flew to Texas with his father to make the drive back to North Carolina.  The car started 99.9% stock. The only changes to the car were upgraded tires and some brand new KW Version 3 coilovers.  I honestly had no idea exactly what direction I wanted to go with the car, but I knew 2 things.  It would eventually have forced induction and the body would not be stock.

Both of these things were personal goals I had since all 3 cars I had before were kept NA, focused solely on engine/suspension performance, and kept stock in appearance.

Evan started off with some basic modifications like wheels, intake, and exhaust.  The car had been through several different wheels with various offsets and tire sizes.  I ran a set of Enkei RPF1’s and still to this day theyre a favorite budget setup for the S2000, but I knew I wanted something with more ‘oomph’.  After cutting my teeth for a few years learning about the car, what works, what maybe doesn’t work as well, etc… I started to develop my vision for the car – being fast, fun, stylish, but still solidly a street car / weekend mountain cruiser.  In 2015, Evan started his build.

He first ordered new wheels and even though it was hard to part ways with the Enkei’s, he found a set of wheels that would really set off the car.  I’ve always liked Advan’s, and with the RG3’s being a new revision of a classic, I decided to go that route.  At the same time, he took the opportunity to add a few tightening components to the suspension.  The S2000 had style from the factory but Evan improved with a set of Craftsquare carbon fiber mirrors. I knew I wanted to start getting into the styling of the car a bit. I flirted with the idea of going wide (still kinda flirting with the idea lol), but decided I’d rather keep it narrow for now.

There are so many aero options for these cars.  Spoon Sports, Voltex, Circuit Garage, Mugen, etc but the thing that really sets Evan’s car off from the other S2000’s in the area is his front end.  He opted for the Amuse Legalo front bumper and Seibon VSII hood.  I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from the Arvou demo car in Japan, and wanted a similar look.”

I had ALWAYS wanted an OEM Hardtop, but also always cringed at the prices out there. I really like the way the CR uses a black top on all their colors, especially white. I found a mint top out of Atlanta, and made the arrangements. I haven’t regretted it once.

Shortly after acquiring his wheels, Evan found a super good deal on a supercharger kit.  He ended up picking up a Vortech V2 and says that the kit is ideal for low boost on the 2004 and 2005 models.  All the hoses were dry rotted, couplers were cracked, hardware missing, etc.  I refreshed everything, converted all of the fittings over to AN, and ordered a pulley upgrade along with all the associated supporting fuel/driveline modifications.  I also took that time to upgrade my tired KW V3 coilovers (they had 80k miles on them at this point, no rebuild) with some HKS pieces that I really like. It took a lot longer to get everything buttoned up than I anticipated, and pretty much missed the entire summer season of 2016…but I was focused on doing things right instead of just fast.”

About this time I also added a 3″ unresonated, header-back, single exhaust from Origin Fabrication out of Atlanta. If you haven’t seen Mark’s work, definitely check him out at http://www.originfabrication.com/ – He’s a 1 man show, and has a lot going on, and everything is built to order. You may not get it fast, but he’s communicative and will answer any question you have. Nothing but good things to say about him.

A day after installing the exhaust, Evan took the car to Import Paint and Body located in Charlotte, NC.  Most people know Loren and Carlos over there, and they both do amazing work.  I’ve said it several times, there isn’t anyone else I’d take my car to for body work.”

Supercharged, the car makes right at 390 horsepower and 242 torque to the wheels, uncorrected, in terrible conditions. We were at a shop outside Asheville, North Carolina at 2200′ elevation, it was 102F, and over 90% humidity (it rained 30 mins before we put it on the dyno). I’m happy with the setup for now, although I may go to a different supercharger kit in the future.”  Soon after driving the freshly boosted car around for a while, Evan realized he needed some reinforced stopping power.  He scooped up the Stoptech Trophy kit for the front and left the stock brakes in the rear.  I went with the 328 x 28 setup in the front to maintain braking balance.

Today. I set out to make something that excites me, fast, fun, looks good, and is still fully a street car. Certainly there will be more changes in the future, but for now I just want to drive the car. It feels like its been a long process, but looking back I’m glad I took my time to decide exactly what I wanted to do rather than just jumping in and ordering a truckload of parts in the first year. I’ve never been more happy with any car I’ve owned than I am right now with this one, and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

“Special thanks go out to my wife who puts up with all my car related shenanigans (I love you J), and Import Specialist in Charlotte – none of this would have gotten without your help buddy, and lastly, Mr. BTM Graphix himself – we finally got to connect on this one, and I appreciate your work.”


Power –

Vortech V2 Supercharger @ 11 psi

ASP Billet Pulleys

ID1000 Injectors

FullBlown 340lph Fuel Pump

HKS 75mm Single Exit Exhaust

75mm Test Pipe

All fittings, hoses, couplers, and clamps replaced with upgraded units

ARP Headstuds

Hondata FlashPro

Drivetrain –

Competition Clutch Stage 5

Lightweight Flywheel – 10lb

AP1 Slave Cylinder (CDV Delete)

Brakes/Suspension –

Stoptech Trophy 328mm BBK

Stoptech Stainless Brake Lines

Eibach Front Sway Bar

BAWSS Prototype Rear Lower Tie Bar

Billet Front UCA

HKS Hipermax IV SP Coilovers

Advan RGIII 18×9.5 +45 in Hyper Black

Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/18

Interior –

OEM CR Radio Cover

OEM CR Center Console

Autometer Analog Boost Gauge

AEM Wideband

Aero/Body –

OEM Hardtop (Genuine)

Amuse Legalo Front Bumper

Seibon VSII Hood

Craftsquare Carbon TC 1000R Mirrors (Genuine)

ASM Duckbill Spoiler (Genuine)

All emblems shaved/filled Custom

All metal flared front fenders by Aaron Mabe


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