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A few years ago I did a review on EZ Lip when I installed it on my old SAAB. It was great! I had it on for over a year and it held up perfectly during that time, even with rain and hot weather the lip was not phased. Unfortunately, I stuffed that SAAB into the side of a mountain (thannks subpar driving and solid beam rear axle). Anyways, fast forward a couple years, we’ve picked up a few more readers and I’ve picked up a couple more SAABs, and one of them is in dire need for “a little bit more low”.

With a face only a mother can love, this is my ’89 900s since I already lowered it to the point of no wheel gap, its time to add some aesthetics to make it look lower.

This is where EZ Lip comes in, and in this case I needed as much help as I could get, so I went with EZ Lip Pro! EZ Lip Pro boasts a fatter surface over classic EZ Lip for that extra few centimeters of low.

People like to suggest “garage door lips”, and I’m sure they’re OK for some people, but honestly, most of the time they look like crap. EZ Lip is actually designed to be used as a car lip, its made of nice durable foam and features what they call “InvisEdge” which seamlessly integrates the EZ Lip into the contours of your current lip or bumper.

Additionally, with EZ Lip there’s no need for screws or tape, there is super strong 3M tape already incorporated into lip, making install a no brainer.

Speaking of installs, lets get to it!
First, prep the surface you plan to install the lip on. Any sort of general cleaner safe for your car’s paint should be sufficient. Just be sure to dry the surface before you install the lip!

After your surface has been prepped, just peel and place.

It gets a little tricky for corners.

You have to cut a small trapazoid out at the corner so it doesn’t buckle.

Keep going…

Make sure to apply pressure as you lay down the lip in order for the tape to adhere to the best of its ability.

Once you get to the end, just cut off the excess!

Just like that the ol’ SAAB is a little lower, its not scraping the ground, but it does look a lot better than before! Sometimes its the littlest things that make the biggest difference. In fact it was hard to imagine the car without that extra bit of lip on there.

A big thank you to EZ Lip for sending me the lip as well as a couple other lips for a VLog Ger is doing for his YouTube Channel AND for the lips and items for our booth at a recent charity car show, we really appreciate it!

EZ Lip comes in a variety of colors and options check out their store HERE and see what suits your ride the best!

Check them out on social media:
Instagram: @EZLip_Official
Twitter: @EZLip_Official

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