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(Saturday, 7:00AM EST, TE – NC – 2016)

Here at Carshype, we welcome yet another year of Tuner Evolution coverage.  This, the 3rd installment in NC and second time at The Park Expo and Conference Center in Charlotte, NC is the only event in which I made it before the crowds showed up.  I blame being out late and and getting home around 1-2AM followed by oversleeping.  Nothing this year was different except that I made myself get up and get there early.  I teamed up with a local videographer named Brian Abdala who will be providing video coverage of the event as well as the night before shenanigans rolling through downtown Charlotte with 10+ loud and low cars.  It’s probably a blessing that I got there when I did because to be honest shooting event coverage like this can be a headache and shooting around the crowds can be really frustrating and many people just don’t have the time of day to wait for someone to get the shot.  7AM allowed me to grab some of the best shots for the day and to focus on more of the details that I most likely wouldn’t have been able to cover.


Even though the show was held indoors, the weather really cooperated and was fair for awesome roll-in shots.  A bit of overcast and cool weather definitely beat standing out in the heat but sadly it wouldn’t last and by noon its was already in the 90’s.  It was also rather hot and uncomfortable inside but what more can you do with hundreds of people and the fumes of cars locked in a confined space.

Jonathan Redling and his EF civic sedan.  This thing may look very standard but it has a lot of rare JDM bits which many tend to overlook.  I met Jonathan back when I had my first 91″ civic sedan.

Kevin Nguyen from Go Fast Conceptz and his GTR.  He also had another car in the show; a white BMW M4 on blue TE37’s.

Brian Mann’s GTR on a set of beautiful red Rohan’s.

Mike Ho from the Atlanta area and his purple GTR.  I remember when I first saw this car which was back in Atlanta of 2013 for Southrnfresh.  I captured a few rolling shots from that day.

Corbin Thomas and his one-off SLK55.  A lot of custom work has gone into this car so far and was just painted only a few days prior to the event.

Jason Richardson and his stupid clean, supercharged TSX.  I love the contrast of the Spoon calipers and magenta Volk CE28N’s

Robbie Harper and his awesome J’s Racing S2000.  Will be doing a feature on this as well as Tom Nguyen’s S2000 laster this year.

Eric Badis and his Spoon inspired Acura TL.  Eric has been around for awhile and has made minor changes to the car aesthetically but why changed something so perfect?

If there was a twin to Eric’s TL in S2000 form it would be Aaron Mabe’s.  This car features a lot of custom touches and was definitely a crowd favorite.

Carver Snell and his WRX.  Carver you should honestly legally change your last name to “Sti” because that’s often how people refer to you.  I really like the new wang too.

Lindsey Gantt’s FRS named Charlene86

My dude Corey Sanders and his bagged 350Z on gold AG’s.

Caymen Sans’ from Midnight Rush and his dope 350Z.

Na’Shaun Payne’s S2000 and Darius Stanfield’s TSX from TendSetterzCrew

The sheer amount of S2000’s at the event was crazy.  It was definitely a hard fought class as far as awards go.

Johnny and his genesis coupe on some LXZ’s.  I liked the white Kiwami’s a whole lot more but I also have a thing for white wheels….

Really like the functional setup on this Evo….coming from a Subie owner

I guess I missed the memo about bringing your GTR’s to the show.

Mike Kuhn and Sami Kay rolling in.

LOL at that guys face back there!

Junior Smith’s S2k sitting on some Watercooled Ind LP1’s.  Oddly they compliment the car really well.

Maybe one day I’ll build a VIP car and own another accord.  These new generations when done up right are stunning.  This one is owned by Brian Ruff and is rolling on a set of VIP modulars.

AJ Varrichione’s R32 Skyline.

Chris’s Scion TC in better light this year.  Last year his car was placed in terrible lighting which didn’t bring out the bright white color.

Drew Sparks’ Infiniti

Jhonny Barbosa’s bagged, boosted, and wrapped G35

When I first saw this I had no earthly idea as to what it was.  If you’re still confused, it’s the new HRV from Honda.

Im actually a really big fan of this color on this Genesis.

This is an absolutely gorgeous blue on the G35

Andrew Johnson’s STi wagon sporting yet another meaty setup utilizing the Volk TE37V’s

Faction Motorsports S13

Marc Davis’ E36 with some interesting livery.

Audi number 1

Audi number 2

Audi number 3

Lady owned and driven by Emilly White.  She always manages to change it up every year.  I still miss the STi!

Michael Le’s lexus.  This is only my second time seeing this car, the first time being the Tuesday before the show on I-485 on my way to work.

Stickerz are lyfe.

Bear Dellinger’s S14

Anybody else love the jewel headlights on these new Acura’s.  I love how some people have incorporated them into other chassis.

Eduardo Lucena’s Midori Gren EK hatch and his super dooper clean engine bay

Sam Rivera from Klean Society and his benz

Odd combination of colors but it works.

White wheels and Project Mu brakes….goals

Jason Pham’s GS400 is absolutely insane.

Justin Collins’ FD was another crowd hit and for good reason

Edward Mayes’ SRT8 300C

Here’s a rare sight, a BMW 2002

Tom Nguyen’s supercharged S2000 driven in by Stan Lee.  Tom would show up hours later.

Matthew Meadows’ other car.  Unfortunately the bugeye was not in attendance

Savannah Elaine’s 350Z time attack car.  For a race car it looks really clean and those new Hypergrams are fire…I’m a bit biased though

Kudos to the people out there modding cars that you wouldn’t expect to be modified.  Check out this Lincoln.

Love the color on Tommy’s S2000.

Nou Lee’s S2000 with some killer aero mods.

Joey Brosnahan’s S2000.  How on earth did he manage to fit that rear setup???

Another one!

Devon Holder’s RSX

Takata FRS

























































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