Blox EVO 3

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Photos: Ger Lewis
Words: Anthony Guerra

Another year in the Bay brings another Blox Evolution show. In its third year, Blox EVO is THE show to be in; with its iconic Pier 70 location, cars from across the state flock to the show. This year brought out the best of the best and with the warehouse’s new 3 level layout, it was truly a sight to behold.

Pillars, scaffolding and stairs scattered about the warehouse set a fantastic mode, it was a stark contrast between the shiny show cars and tetanus inducing environment.

This juxtaposition did lend itself to amazing photo opportunities for after the show.

The morning began gloomy and early (there was no sun, just fog, welcome to SF), with roll in for our group at 7am.

Ger was just picked up by Outcast Garage, so we rolled in with them.

Outcast Garage did great! Having two of their cars win awards including this amazing Q50.

Meanwhile, I was parked outside with my archaic SAAB. #notcoolenoughforblox

The Hoverkraft man himself, Waseem’s IS was looking great.

Lorenz too, had a new set up this year with his WRX wagon.

Jeff’s bagged WRX is always a head turner…and head shaker as people say he ruined his WRX.

“Cereal 9” haha we see what you did there.

Next to Team Faction was Gold State Projects, gotta love thier S14

Its been inspiring to see Kyle’s 350z built over the years.

Speaking of builds over the years, Annie looks cooler every year.

While we’re looking at old school cars, this BMW 2002, dubbed the “s2002” due to its s2000 engine swap took home a well deserve award at Blox.

By far one of my favorite cars at Blox.

ATS Garage and their legendary cars.

But ATS Garage doesn’t just have Hondas and Acuras 😛

Here’s another dub for good measure.

Wait, one more.

Vankulture is what makes growing up and having a family something to look forward to.

Probably the most ridiculous car in my opinion.

I just didn’t….understand it…

But perhaps that’s the point, and thats okay! Props for thinking outside the box.

This big wing RSX, actually pulled it off very well.

Our good buddy Brian, of BMSPEC, was able to get into Blox last minute and take home second place for best wagon!

Behind Brian was this underspoken GS, such a clean build.

Also underspoken were these Camrys, very well done.

Simple yet aggressive.

fifteen52 TurboMacs never fit a build so well.

S-Chassis photo dump.

FT-BRS photo dump. (They were all incredible builds)

This is my goals: an RS4 with Work CR Kiwamis, it looked so damn good in person.

This accord was also a personal favorite of mine.

On. the. floor.

Can’t hate on the JDM x track car look.

High Octane Tuners has some of the best old school cars.

Whats a car show post without mentioning Elvis’ car right?

This Q50 from Pure VIP was another absolute favorite of mine and I was surprised it didn’t take home any awards.

Also representing Pure VIP, this epic GS.


Quick editorial note: due to the awesome environment, it made it extremely difficult to get good shots of some cars. Additionally, due to the high volume of foot traffic we simply could not get photos of all the cars which definitely deserved photos, we apologize.

Some of Speed Element’s boss cars.

In a class of its own.

Cash for gold.

The SSR Wheels booth brought the fire with these cars.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get many good photos of our friend’s at Team Endless Projects. Although they had their own back section, it was pretty cramped and crowded. Congratulations to them on winning so many awards this year at Blox!

Team Daily Driven Revolution, is represented by some of the finest cars across the states.

This CRZ on KFs was one of my top 5 of the show.

“main bae”

IMO, the best WRX there.

I’m not sure if I liked the WRX’ or Evo’s better…

Aggressive Cosmis Racing wheels looked great on this IS.

Why so sleepy?

Mason’s car has so much character, its one of the reason’s I love it so much.

Out of the box wheel choice and we dig it!


Blox Evo 3 proved to be another great show, big thank you to Michael Choi and the dozens of other people who helped make it an exceptional show. We hope you enjoyed our coverage.

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