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This year marked the 3rd installment of Wrong Turn Fitment hosted by Wilkesboro Crew.  This show which is usually put on every two years turned out to be it’s best one yet and the location was….well different.  I attended WTF 2 years ago which was held in a really large parking lot surrounded by strip mall shops and a dope pizza place, but I never really felt impressed by that location and the whole event was meh.  This year, the event was held in the heart of Wilkesboro, a small little town in northern North Carolina only a short trip from the mountains.  The show space included an enclosed lot with a massive canopy to park under and up top were restaurants and shops. Although small, the location packed nearly 400 cars and overall was a great show!

Anh – Tuan Tran’s Mercedes C300 of Flawless Fitment and Team RPM.  These guys never disappoint.

Kind of a surprise seeing Paul Manabat out there, honestly didn’t think he was going to show up but really glad he did.  First time seeing his new setup in person and it’s definitely bad ass.

Paul’s Evo and models Lyndsie Phommachieng and Leslie Welborn.

Check out this 1991 NSeX owned by Justin Collins…great execution sir!

Love the bagged cocaine white FG2 Tyler Ruiz

No model experience, no problem.  Karina Brenner chillin’ next to Brandon Campbell’s bagged Jetta.

There was no shortage of models at the event.  Here we have Fender Jesus (Justin Monteith) and Sami Ghbein next to Cameron Soules’s FD2 replica.  “We looked like two sexy bitches.” – Gabriel Iglecias

Hundreds of cars lined the street next to the VIP section.  Here we have Devan Cooper’s 3rd gen Eclipse on some beautiful teal Rotiforms.

Like many others, Dez Darby drove up showing off his new setup along with the rest of the Stanceaholics crew.  Bagged was definitely the way to go Dez!

Keeping it clean Tomund Ali Lee

Kyle Lallave’s aired out G35.  Very aggressive

Rocket Bunny FD….mmmmmm

Matt Karp’s super clean civic on white Gram Lights and repping the NvUS banner.

Sup dog?

@THATLOWFRS crazy color on some Avant Garde F220’s

Sami Ghbein’s GTi on some RPF1’s

Love the deep red of Tyler Staton’s civic sedan.  Really makes the FD2 front end stand out.

This truck was absolutely nuts.  It’s called Floyd and owned by Blake Milton, one of the founders of Wilkesboro Crew.  Props to you Blake.

I did an earlier feature with Boston Maler’s bugeye RSTi but here’s his other car, a super dooper clean R32.  These cars are mad comfortable and puts the limited seats in my Subaru to shame.

Joseph Colman’s SRT4 Caliber rocking some CCW classics.  These cars are so awesome!

Two beautiful MK3 supras owned by Gage Hale and Harry Meak.

Snuck a shot or two of my car.

Timothy Smithey’s gorgeous hawkeye on red CCW Classics and sporting a front bumper I’ve never seen before.

Evan Gillon’s blobeye on beautiful mag blue XD9’s.  Arguably my favorite Work Wheel other than the CR Kai Ultimates.

Edward Mayes’ SRT8 300C.  This car hasn’t changed much, or at least that I have noticed but why change perfection?

By far the best looking kit for the s13.  The Silvia coupes are my favorites.

Mmmm, NTo3’s

Jamie Yount’s Speed3 on a set of Evo wheels.  Is there nothing that a set of Evo wheels doesnt look good on?

Stupid clean FC RX7.  I didnt get a picture of the engine bay but everything was tucked, shaved, and had a pretty good sized turbo.

When I grow up I want to be just like RSELLOS

Until next year WTF!




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